Tuning: DADGAD

Would you excuse me a moment, it won’t take too long

It can’t wait until tomorrow, I fear the urge is too strong

An old promise was forgotten and all excuses failed

A nervous heat all of a sudden, you know that I just can‘t stay

You know that time runs out and I’ve barely scratched the surface

You know that I just won’t get no sleep

I lost my ground, took wrong decisions, you say it’s over real soon

But all your pity and compassion is just salt in my wounds

You know god-damn well that all it takes is a sentence

You know it’s easier said than done, cause I don’t wann let go - yet

I know it’s late for repentence when the damage’s done

I have to bear the consequences, denying help from anyone

I know it’s part of being driven to blurr out what’s real

I hope this sin will be forgiven, I hope with time these wounds heal

Cause I know god-damn well that all it takes is a center

When day and night are so equally

But I don’t wanna let go